Become a Host:

Jstay offers a platform for hosts to post their homes, and for guests to search for and book them. We have worked to compile a list of sought-after amenities that the Jewish travel world desires, and have presented it in a simple and efficient search engine.

To become a host you must first sign up or log in to our platform via the Jstay app. You can download the app by clicking here on your smartphone or tablet, or by scanning the QR code below. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.


Once you have logged into your account, press on the menu bar located on the top left corner of your screen and select 'Become a Host' and follow the simple uploading process in-app.

Jstay Fees:

Listing homes is completely FREE, and there is no membership fee for hosts or guests.


When guests book a host's stay, Jstay takes 3% of the cost of the booking from the host and 7% from the guest. This allows us to maintain the application and to offer top-notch customer support.



Please Note: Sign-up and login for desktop is currently Under Construction. You can still download the app and become a host.


The full website where you will be able to list, edit, or book Kosher properties will be up and running shortly.

We thank you for your patience. 

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