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Our Mission Statement:

Jstay’s mission is to be an all-in-one Jewish travel app.We want to provide a platform for anyone looking to become a host, or anyone looking to find Jewish life around the world; making it easy for users to search and upload properties, shuls, mikvahs, and anything else related to the Jewish travel experience. We want it to be as easy as possible for people to plan their vacations, and to give them as many resources as possible to make their time away relaxing and meaningful.

We are always looking to develop strategic partnerships with leading global Jewish travel partners in flight, vehicle rentals, and trip planning, to help expand the Jstay brand and better the platform for all our users.

How It Works:

Jstay offers a platform for hosts to post their homes, and for guests to search for and book them. We have worked to compile a list of sought-after amenities that the Jewish travel world would desire, and have presented it in a simple and efficient search engine.

Listing homes is completely free, and there is no membership fee for hosts or guests.

When guests book a host's stay, Jstay takes 3% of the cost of the booking from the host and 7% from the guest. This allows us to maintain the application and to offer top-notch customer support.

Our History

Jstay, the Jewish Travel App, was born during October 2019 in Jerusalem, Israel, to help Jewish vacationers and hosts throughout the world. Registered as a limited company in England, Jstay is an application for people to upload their stays, and for others to book them, with detailed options available for Kosher standards, holiday item availability, and Jewish location and opportunities, to customize the Jewish vacation experience as much as possible.

For sales and marketing please email: [email protected]

sholli Kestecher

About the Founder:

Sholli Kestecher, born in London, England, has always dreamed of making peoples’ Jewish observance easier and more comfortable whilst at home or abroad.

When he started in the short-term rentals and management business, he realized that there was a need for an application that would be catered to Jews and the Jewish travel world. After an extensive search, working and speaking with Jewish agents, landlords, and vacationers around the world, he realized that there was no simple platform in existence that gave the necessary options for Jewish and Kosher travelers.In the month of October 2019, Jstay was born. Sholli decided that it was time for a travel app, with the capability to truly customize every part of the Jewish travel experience. From uploading or booking a stay, to finding a mikvah, synagogue, or Kosher restaurant, Jstay is all about creating the best vacation for you.

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